Kube Ice

Over the past few months, I’ve been developing a small start-up company called Kube. The business is based on a series of metallic ice cubes that offer customers a more effective way to chill their beverage and preserve taste. So far, its been a busy but exciting journey and I’ve had a ton of fun creating the branding of the company, literally from scratch.

The logo is derived from the Minimal typeface meant to look sleek and sophisticated, reflecting the visual nature of the cubes. In terms of the product images, the idea was to create visuals that not only showed the cubes were meant to be paired with a drink but also allowed for them to be the main focus of the image. Finally, for the marketing material, the plan was to show various types of people enjoying the cubes while adding a bit of visual flare with colored backgrounds and having the cubes “fall” into the cup for better visibility of the product.



Comp 1.gif

Product Renders


Promotional Signage


Promotional Ad