This album cover was designed for RnB artist Brandon Tory's "Multidream" (scheduled to come out in late 2018). Tory has been growing in popularity ever since he was co-signed by world acclaimed artist Timbaland in 2015. For the past year,  I've worked with him to cover all his design needs. In July of 2017, we met up in San Francisco to sit down and brainstorm ideas. After much deliberation, he settled on the idea of creating a futuristic scene of him among a bunch of Mannequins, lit up with  purple/blue color lights for a sci-fi theme.  To maximize budget, we deciding on having the photographer just shoot multiple angles of the chrome mannequin then I could place them in post around Brandon. 

Note: "They Want Me To Win" is the first single Brandon released to drive some publicity for the album. I made sure to keep the font choice / color scheme the same for both.