Harvest Snaps

Working at Calbee North America has easily been my proudest professional achievement so far.   In the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to work as a temporary in-house designer for Calbee's Harvest Snaps brand at their headquarters in Fairfield, CA.  They were in the process of re-branding the company at the time and hired me on as additional support for their marketing department.  

Initially, my role was small and I mostly created conceptual work. However, as Paul Laubscher, Calbee's head of marketing, became increasingly confident in my design skills, my role began to be increase exponentially . Calbee had almost entirely used out-of-state agencies to meet their design needs.  Therefore, since I was the only designer physically in the building (providing me much easier/faster communication with the marketing team) I was given a heavy workload.   

From creating print ads for magazines, re-branding the company's business cards, developing sales sheets and promo materials used the expo shows and even designing in-store display cases that were set up in grocery stores nationally, I feel extremely blessed to have accomplished so much in my summer at Calbee.  Today, I continue to work with them regularly as a freelancer.