Greetings! I'm a 21 year old graphic designer currently attending Indiana University.  My experience of art and design has spanned over ten years now as I first truly got involved in the summer of 2007.  I tried out several different illustration programs early on and quickly began improving my craft. It was when I became introduced to Photoshop that I quickly discovered my love for graphic design. Nearly a decade later I can confidently say that this passion has only grown stronger. This will be my sixth year doing professional work as a freelancer and I have loved every minute of it. Over my career so far I've had the pleasure to work for over 250+ clients including music artists,  nonprofit organizations, gaming websites, YouTube Networks and a few start-up companies.  I have also interned with Calbee North America and Crawford Industries. From being inspired by other designers I've collaborated with, to being able to work for wonderful clients, I only look forward to what the future holds.  If you have any questions or work requests, feel free to shoot a message my way!