I'm a 21 year old graphic designer currently attending Indiana University.  My experience of art and design has spanned over ten years now as I first got truly involved in the summer of 2007.  I tried out several different illustration programs early on and quickly began improving my craft. It was when I became introduced to Photoshop that I quickly discovered my love for graphic design. Nearly a decade later I can confidently say that this passion has only grown stronger. This will be my sixth year doing professional work as a freelancer and I have loved every minute of it. Over my career so far I've worked for over 200+ clients including music artists,  nonprofit organizations, gaming websites, YouTube Networks and a few start-up companies.  I have also interned at Calbee North America and Crawford Industries. From being inspired by other designers I've collaborated with, to being able to work for wonderful clients, I only look forward to what the future holds.  If you have any questions or work requests, feel free to shoot me a message!


Past Clients


WunTayk - Rapper

WunTayk is a rapper out of Louisville, Kentucky. He's experienced some notable success, achieving over a million plays on Soundcloud and he's worked with Bryson Tiller, a grammy nominated RnB singer.  In May of 2017, he contacted me about doing his album artwork for an upcoming project entitled "Me, That's who!".  The concept was to do a cartoon version of him the iconic scene in Scarface in a lavish hotel hot-tub.


Brandon Tory - Singer

Brandon has been growing in popularity ever since he got co-signed by world acclaimed artist Timbaland in 2015.  Based out of the L.A. area, Tory has brought a fresh style to the hiphop scene and I've loved working with him and his creative team. I designed the artwork for his first EP entitled "Yaga Season" and single "Buzzin", a few months later.  Most recently, I created the art and visuals behind his newest Album, "Multi-Dream" and release party for the project.


BRXTN - Singer

BRXTN is a multi-talented guy, who I've worked with over the past few months. His passion is music and he does everything from create melodies to graphics.. I designed his Twitter banner and ever since then have continued to designed his promo material. Most recently I created the coverart for his latest album,"Tease". He has also directed clients my way, setting me up with other artists like WunTayk.

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MARTi is an underground rapper who's sound has been influenced by many old-school HipHop legends. He reached out to me to design his logo and from there I went on to design his merch and other side projects. 


Ronald K. Jones

Working with creative minds like Ronald is by far the best aspect of my job.  Ronald is a visionary and notable fashion designer, running the brand RKJ, a urban, Japanese-inspired fashion label.  I created the logo for his company and have provided the art direction behind RKJ's website/online store.

nectox wallpaper v2.png


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Prolide was a YouTube network that partnered with users and allowed them to monetize their videos. At it's peak, the company had over a hundred million views in total with all of it's users combined. I developed the logo and color scheme for the network.